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It has been a great pleasure and a privilege dealing with Nalithuba Education Development cc, who have not only acted as our Principal Training provider for our Chemical Operation NQF L1 & L2 Learnership projects, but also assisted us in the learnership format and implementation process since 2007read more
Deliwe Johnson

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NALITHUBA Training Solutions has been appointed by the MERSETA to utilize its unique advanced approaches to ABET curricula, methodologies and scheduling of learning. The aim of this project is to demonstrate how ABET can be accelerated in high potential learners in the workplace. 750 learners will benefit from NALITHUBA’s innovative ABET programmes in the Eastern and Southern Cape.

NALITHUBA’s ABET programmes have been informed by extensive experience and research to provide adult learners with meaningful ABET interventions. Our focus was on creating content that was relevant, interesting and applicable to adult learners so that they would be motivated to participate in their personal development. Essential life skills are integrated into the learning programmes which allows for a fully integrated, accelerated ABET programme as learners now cover a wide range of unit standards from additional ABET learning areas. This significantly reduces the time spent on ABET interventions because more unit standards are covered in a shorter period. Life skills included in the revamped material include: goal setting, time management, HIV and Aids and budgeting to list a few. Our facilitators found that learners are more enthusiastic about the integrated learning programme as they are acquiring knowledge and skills across a range of disciplines.


Moira Fourie decided to join the ABET classes at NALITHUBA provided at her workplace, Armstrong in Port Elizabeth because she left school in Standard 8 and wanted to develop her skills. She started attending ABET classes in 2007 to enhance her Communication and Mathematical literacy skills. Moira started Communication at ABET level 4 and Mathematics at ABET level 3. She almost dropped out at Mathematics level 4 as she felt that it was too difficult for her, however, the facilitator motivated her, and she persevered. Upon successful completion, she decided to pursue her career in Logistics at NMMU. Due to the fact that she didn’t have matric and her age, she had to do an introductory course and write an aptitude test in order to enrol for a Diploma in Logistics at the university. Through commitment and dedication, she obtained excellent results and she was told that it is not necessary to write an aptitude test. In June 2010, she will be doing her first year in Logistics, another step forward to reach her goals. Today she is happy and thankful to NALITHUBA and Armstrong for giving her an opportunity to unlock her potential! 


My dream is to be a Safety Officer, but to get there I still need to complete a few courses. 

I am an unemployed person attending English and Maths classes provided by NALITHUBA Training Solutions at the West End Resource Centre. After I write my English and Maths exam I will be finished with the ABET classes and after I graduate, I am going to do a welding course.

When I complete my welding course, I would like to find a job where I will work in the interest of the company so that they can notice me. If I am lucky, they will perhaps help me or even send me on the Safety Officer course. I have dreamt of this job all my life, and would obey any safety rules that one must obey in the workplace. I like to play and work safe but there are many people that don’t like to obey the safety rules and that is why I want to do this. 

I like people and I like to take care of them, I am also a very responsible person and I know that I will do well as a Safety Officer. 

The ABET classes have taught me something that I will never forget. Each one of us is unique and special and that each of us can reach our goals even if it is over a long period of time. One must not give up or give in. The ABET classes have also helped me build more confidence in myself and I can really say that I am more confident now than I was before. 

I thank my facilitator Mrs. Renze for all the patience that she has with me. How will I ever pay her back? I will pay Mrs. Renze back by showing her, at the end of September, what I have already achieved. I know that I am doing this for myself so that I can look after my own family one day. I am not doing this to be better than the next person but for a better living for my children. I want to give them all the tings that I could not have in life. 

Anthony Solomon (ABET learners on MERSETA sponsored ABET project) 

UMALUSI Council for the GETC ABET – Accreditation no. 16AET0300020
CHIETA for the Chemical Operations qualifications from NQF Level 1 to NQF Level 4 – Accreditation no. NAL101

ETDP SETA for Assessor, Moderator, Facilitator and Moderator Training – Accreditation no. ETDPS1312

100% Black woman ownership 
Level 1 – 135% B-BBEE procurement recognition

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